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How a few hours can turn into a week

October 6, 2008

The primary goal of this blog is to work with Port of San Diego employees to develop an easy to use GIS which will help them work more productively. Most GIS blogs are commentary on the GIS industry. I’d like to apologize to Port employees who wanted to start using the PortGIS, but haven’t gotten a chance. Changing operating systems/webserver platforms from WS2003/IIS5.2 to WS2008/IIS7 has created larger problems than we anticipated. Unfortunately, “a few hours” have turned into more than a week. However, I am happy to say that we are now up and running. If you are interested in the technical reasons please keep reading. If not, please check back in for future posts. The next post will include clear directions and a video to explain how to install the PortGIS.

We have had two major problems with the upgrade.

1) The AGX Home Server Files (AGXHSF) don’t work in IIS7 as they do in IIS6. I am not exactly sure of the reason, but it definitely has to do with the web.config file. ESRI’s lists “Internet Information Services (IIS) – required for the ArcGIS Explorer Home Setup” on ArcGIS Explorer Home Requirements section of their ArcGIS Explorer 500 System Requirements page. ESRI doesn’t refer to any version of IIS. ESRI support pointed out that ArcGIS Server is supported but the AGXHSF are not. ESRI is going to update their documentation to reflect this. Our workaround is to have the AGXHSF on WS2003 machine and our map services coming from the WS2008 machine. We would really like to have it all on one server.

2) We also have not figured out how to connect the WS2008 machine to our Novell domain. In addition to the project most discussed on this blog, we have non-ESRI GIS webapps using Apache Tomcat. These services work fine on the server machine, but cannot be deployed to users. Coworkers much more adept at dealing with this type of issue are working on this.

I will give ESRI the benefit of the doubt for 3 reasons. First because the AGS map services scream (79546 Kbps), second other software vendors have had similar issues, and third because this is a new product. The WS2008/IIS7 platform is the way of the future. I believe in the AGX + AGS combination to bring customized GIS capabilities into the regular workflow of organizations, such as the Port of San Diego. I don’t see any reason why they can’t run on the same machine. I hope ESRI can solve, or publish a workaround, for this issue with the next build of AGX.