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Measure tool in the PortGIS (Beta) Web Application

January 21, 2009

Below is a quick video on the measure tool in our PortGIS Web Application.

We use the infield at Petco Park to show the tools accuracy, but the real power is combining this tool with Port data, specifically the TidelandsMapbook2007 service. The system is set up to answer questions such as; How far is it from the U.S. Pierhead Line from to the parcel leased to the Maritime Museum Association of San Diego?

Lastly, we would like to welcome Vice Admiral Charles Wurster to our Port family. Admiral Wuster was named the Port of San Diego’s new president and chief executive officer. To see the official Port of San Diego Press Release click here.

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PortGIS Task #2: Measure Task and Progress Update

November 17, 2008

Below is the next video in a series demonstrating how to use tasks within the PortGIS Software. With the measure tool you can determine elevation, latitude, longitude, distance and areas.

Progress Update:
We have a fully functional basic PortGIS for everyone on our internal network. This is the software demonstrated in all the videos so far. Recently we have made significant progress on the PortGIS (Harbor Police) deployment and on the development of the PortGIS (Engineering) software. The Harbor Police customization is done, and the next steps are to make sure the hardware is in place to support it, then push it to the proper users. We hope to have that completed within the next few weeks. This progress has been made at the expense of updates to this blog, and I apologize for that. We hope to keep the blog updated at least once a week.

We have contracted with Halcrow to help us with the PortGIS (Engineering)/CAD workflow. So far, I have created a script which grabs a CAD file and converts it to a usable GIS file. This script archives the two file formats. It is currently configured to run daily at 2:45 AM. We have reached the point where we know how to traverse the GIS/CAD divide. Jerry Wallenborn and his team from Halcrow are working with the engineers to come up with specific layer standards. We will adjust the script to display the CAD properly in the PortGIS. This is an immense task. One of the team’s major goals is to create a consensus among Port engineers in order to support these standards. He has a very warm and easy going personality. If you don’t already know Jerry, I suggest you come down to the annex and introduce yourself.

In the near future we hope to work on the goals below. Stay tuned.
SAP integration (Remote Function Calls)
Environmental Services (storm drain database integration)
Purchasing new aerials
Browser based display for Basic, HPD, and Engineering versions
Integration with Cumulus Software
And much more.