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Display Options and Using Tasks

September 17, 2008

I had a little impromptu meeting with LJJ, of Harbor Police, and TW of Dispatch yesterday. LJJ mentioned that any GIS developed by the Port is going to be measured against Google Earth (GE). I think we can all agree that typing in an address and looking for directions is much more pleasant in GE than in most professional GIS systems out there. Searching for directions from one address to another in the ArcGIS desktop suite is cumbersome. ESRI knows this and has created ArcGIS Explorer (AGX). AGX looks and functions much like GE, but it allows us to point to our own internal server and use both ESRI proprietary data formats and non-proprietary formats. In many ways AGX exceeds the capabilities of GE. I created a basic video showing the display options and how to use Tasks in our Port GIS.

One last point, based on the number of acronyms I used in the last paragraph I am going to start keeping a list of their relevance in DM (Docs #315612). Please leave comments if you have problems accessing this list.

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