Finding Engineering Drawings and Real Estate Documents from the PortGIS Web Maps


At the Port of San Diego we have a mixture of enterprise systems which help us manage our data. GIS is the enterprise system which empowers port employees to tackle problems from a geographic perspective. We intend to complement, rather than replace or redo, other enterprise systems at the Port. Our goal is to handle the geography based questions and work in conjunction with the other systems. The PortGIS program is the geography based front-end for our enterprise data.

According to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget’s Federal Enterprise Architecture framework, 74 percent of government data is location based. At the state and local level the number is even higher – 80 percent – according to several organizations and publications.

Our leases with our tenants live in our document management system, Hummingbird DM 5, in PDF format. They also have an important geographic component. The leases are tied to a piece of land. The concept is also true for our official engineering drawings, which give a comprehensive picture of infrastructure on the Port Tidelands. Below are two videos which show how we can access this enterprise data from the PortGIS web maps.

How to find official engineering drawings from the PortGIS web maps

How to find leases and other important documents from the PortGIS web maps

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One Response to “Finding Engineering Drawings and Real Estate Documents from the PortGIS Web Maps”

  1. PG Says:

    Thanks Ari…These are two really good examples of how an enterprise system can be utilized by multiple departments to share information!

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