“Cartographic Clout: GOP, Democrats Vie for Redistricting Dominance” on PBS Newshour


Last night, the PBS Newshour had a great story on redistricting based on the release of Census data. The story might have been called “Top Political Operatives use GIS software and Census Data to Harness Advantage Over the Next Decade.”

It looks like ArcGIS 10, but I am not sure. Please comment if you are familiar with the software is being used.


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2 Responses to ““Cartographic Clout: GOP, Democrats Vie for Redistricting Dominance” on PBS Newshour”

  1. sandboxwalls Says:

    I am not that interested in what GIS the Parties are using. What software is available to people like me? How can I extract redistricting data from TIGER files meant for the gerrymanderers?

  2. Ari Isaak Says:

    Hello SandBoxWalls,

    There are many clients available to view the US Census TIGER shapefiles I suggest downloading ArcGIS Explorer from ESRI. I have skimmed your blog. You are obviously taking a math intensive approach to issues of redistricting. The ArcView version of ArcGIS Desktop ($1500 for a single seat) is the software which might allow you to do the analysis you are targeting. ESRI Recently released a free addon to ArcGIS Desktop called Districting for ArcGIS. I would start with the free ArcGIS Explorer product and move onto other options if that doesn’t meet your needs.

    ArcGIS Explorer


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