Utilizing the Building Interior Space Data Model at the Unified Port of San Diego


First let me introduce myself, I am Brian Mehl, a GIS volunteer intern at the GIS department working since February this year.  This internship fulfills my work experience course GISG 270 for San Diego Mesa College’s GIS Specialist Certificate program, and I expect to complete this certificate next month.  I am excited to be working at the Port with such knowledgeable persons as Malcolm Meikle and Ari Isaak.

The primary task I’ve been working on is taking existing Port CAD drawings of their buildings, such as the eight floor Administration Building on Pacific Highway, and converting these engineering drawings into a ArcGIS personal geodatabase utilizing the ArcGIS Building Interior Space Data Model (BISDM).  ArcGIS data models provide a geodatabase template for importing the data model as a template on which to base a geodatabase, and the BISDM allows a fast start by setting up the feature classes and datasets in a schema or plan, with the real data coming from the Port’s existing CAD drawings.

So why create a geodatabase using the BISDM?  A GIS-based data model will allow the Port to manage and report on the interior spaces of its buildings.  This will provide a basic structure to support a number of different perspectives on buildings – such as architecture, construction, landscape-level planning, facilities management, environmental management, and security/emergency preparedness.  The BISDM database I am working on will benefit the following Port of San Diego departments (at a minimum): Audit, Risk Management and Safety; Engineering – Construction; Environmental Services;  Harbor Police; Information Technology; Land Use Planning; and Real Estate.

Hopefully this introduction will provide you a quick glimpse into my work here at the Port, but I  will get into the geodatabase building process on my next posting.  But to give you an idea of the task at hand, I am working from 19 CAD drawings and have spent 60+ hours so far.  For more information about ESRI’s ArcGIS datamodels, here is a free online course you can take, and a link where you can download the BISDM model among others.

Introduction to ArcGIS Data Models

ArcGIS Data Models


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