How to install the PortGIS


Port Employees- Please do not follow these directions unless directed by IT staff.

We want this post to be the place where Port employees can learn about installing the Port GIS on their computers. Please send me an email if something is not clear or if you are having problems. When we officially deploy this software throughout the Port we will push it to you via an installer.

The directions to download, install and point to the PortGIS are written below. We have also included a video. The written directions assume that you have 1) at least 1gb of RAM and 2) the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework installed. If you have a fairly new computer both these requirements are probably met. If you need more RAM please contact MR.

Directions to install the PortGIS on your machine
1)    Download AGX from here (or by searching “ArcGIS Explorer”)
2)    Install AGX, accepting all the defaults

3)    Open AGX (start>All Programs>ArcGIS>ArcGIS Explorer)
4)    File>Set Home Server>Set Home Server Located At> Type in the path cooresponding to “BETA” (see Docs #315612).
5)    Click OK to restart AGX as PortGIS


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2 Responses to “How to install the PortGIS”

  1. Augustus Says:

    The install seems simple enough. Are you exposing any GP functionality through server? How has that gone for you?

  2. Ari Isaak Says:

    We haven’t yet integrated into a release. I know it will work in a webapp, but haven’t yet tried a gp tool using AGX.

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