Application of GIS Technologies in Port Facilities and Operations


From the American Society of Civil Engineers:
Application of GIS Technologies in Port Facilities and Operations Management discusses the recent advances in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technologies for port professionals. This committee report identifies effective GIS techniques for the management of complex port and harbor infrastructure and discusses in-depth the capabilities, requirements, and limitations of available GIS applications. It also provides useful GIS database techniques and software integration tips, an overview and discussion of GIS data types and map projections, and several case studies focusing on facility and operations management.

I think most of us would much rather learn from others’ experiences than try to reinvent the wheel. I ran across this book a while ago. We shortly thereafter purchased a copy of it through the IT department. It is a very short book (82 pages) which has made the rounds through Malcolm M, Richard M, Adolfo S, and Bill H, and the engineering department has recently purchased their own copy. It is a valuable book, and I suggest everyone interested take the opportunity to flip through it. It probably has at least a few pages which deal directly with your department, and it presents GIS from a Port industry perspective. For example: Engineering may be particularly interested in different types of standards used in integrate AutoCAD and GIS, while directors of various departments might be interested in the Return On Investment (ROI) section, and Environmental might be interested in the water quality compliance case study at the Port of Virginia. Currently, I have a copy of the book if you would like to borrow it. I think Steve A has the other.

Click here for some GIS Zen. Try out the Enable Drill Down feature.


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