ArcGIS for AutoCAD and the 2007 Tidelands Map Book Service


ArcGIS for AutoCAD is a simple and easy-to-use tool that gives AutoCAD users access to GIS information and the results of GIS analysis. This free, downloadable application provides access to ArcGIS Server map services and allows you to view and query GIS data from within the AutoCAD environment without transforming your CAD drawings or converting GIS data. As an AutoCAD user, you can work directly with ArcGIS map services to add full GIS context to your AutoCAD session.”

How does this relate to our work here at the port? ArcGIS Server produces services which can be consumed through software (ArcGIS Explorer) and web based applications (web sites with mapping applications). Adding AutoCAD to the ways we can view GIS data is a tremendous leap towards interoperability between GIS and the engineers, surveyers and architects. It will allow our AutoCAD users to view their maps in spatial relation to other GIS data, get data ready to submit to become part of a service, and ultimately allow the engineers to directly edit the service with their AutoCAD data.

This is a “to begin with the end in mind” type of approach. We are a long, long ways away from this actually being a part of our regular workflow. I’d like to explain the nitty-gritty of why this isn’t applicable today. The 2007 Tidlands Map Book service basically displays 2 scales with different information correlating directly to pages II to XII (high altitude) and pages 7 to 247 (low altitude). Below are 2 images of each scale with the Map Book service under a dwg drawing CS’s (Composite surveyed improvements map 03-14-07.dwg) sent me a while ago. Each of these images took over ten minutes to redraw and each time we pan/zoom it takes another 10 minutes.

High Altitude

High Altitude

Low Altitude

Low Altitude

Currently this is not a product which can be easily used in our workflow. This extension for AutoCAD is on the bleeding edge of technology within the AutoCAD GIS interoperability interface. As the software develops and users figure out tricks to make the drawing display faster, we will be able to further integrate this technology.

If you are interested in exploring this on your computer I’d be happy to email you instructions to install ArcGIS for AutoCAD and point to our Tidelands Map Book service.

And now a moment of GIS Zen:


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2 Responses to “ArcGIS for AutoCAD and the 2007 Tidelands Map Book Service”

  1. Ari Isaak Says:

    ArcGIS for AutoCAD was upgraded since this Post. The new ArcGIS for AutoCAD Build 110 is can be downloaded from the url below. We look forward to testing this new tool out as it has the capability to be a very useful front end for ArcGIS Server Services we already have running. Stay tuned to a new post with our progress.

    ArcGIS for AutoCAD Build 110

  2. ArcGIS 4 AutoCAD and our Port GIS Services « %scratchworkspace% Says:

    […] reviewed ArcGIS for AutoCAD a few months back. Since then ESRI has released the new version (build 110) which is used in the video. It seems much […]

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