I’d like to get a little Coveyish


I’d like to get a little Coveyish and begin with the end in mind. One of the main reasons we started this blog was so that we could have a central location to brainstorm and discuss ways to bring real customized GIS capabilities to desktops around the Port. The ultimate goal will be to create a  GIS interface that is specific to Port objectives.

In the last post, I posed a few questions that we as internet users (the public) ask of GIS systems out there in the magical cyberspace ether. Basically, a server processes our request and sends back a response. At the port we are working on setting up a system to answer your questions,  which will help you do your jobs better. As we accomplish our everyday tasks I suggest that we begin asking ourselves: “Could I accomplish this task, faster/better/more accurately by working from a geographic perspective.” For example; would clicking on 6 parcels on a map to summarize a statistic (acreage, revenues, ect) be an advantage over the way you do it now? The obvious truth is that the cyberspace ether is not magical. Each of these Geographic Information Systems have been finely tuned to answer specific questions (where is the cheapest gas is in town?) and are ready to accept specific inputs (city, state, zip, all gas stations or just Arco). You get the point.

This is all great to think about but have we accomplished anything yet? I am proud to announce that we have indeed scratched the surface toward giving real functionality to our users. The first step has to get some Port specific GIS Data up so we can overlay it on an aerial. What better data than the Port Tidelands Map Book? Unfortunately, this service is only being served and consumed on my computer. However, we hope to get it up and running on an actual server shortly. When this occurs it will begin the beta stage of the software development process. Check out the video below if you’d like to see this in action on my computer.

Please ignore the technical difficulties I ran into at the end of the video.

PS-In order to keep this blog nice and light we would like to share little tidbits of our lives down here in the IT annex. This is the song stuck in Malcolm’s head today. He keeps humming it randomly.



One Response to “I’d like to get a little Coveyish”

  1. Ari Isaak Says:

    I deleted the video because it was such bad quality.

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